The fellowship is the cornerstone of our Early Career Researcher activities. First established in 1998, this annual award funds fellows to undertake the work required to convert their PhD research into publications, ordinarily a first book-length monograph. Fellows are hosted by the University of Keele.

The call for applicants is currently closed, but will open again in May 2019.

Who is right for the fellowship?

The purpose of the fellowship is to provide early career sociologists and social anthropologists with the opportunity of spending a year writing their first book-length monograph.

Successful applicants for the fellowship will normally have just completed, or be within two years of having completed, a PhD in sociology, social anthropology or a cognate discipline.

Fellows will not yet have published a book, but will often have had at least one piece of work from their PhD accepted for publication (eg a journal article or book chapter), and will not currently be holding a permanent lectureship at an institution of Higher Education.

Day-to-day work of our fellows might include the following:

  • Preparing work from the PhD for publication, on a topic capable of being turned into a successful book
  • Submitting a book proposal to a publisher
  • Preparing a research bid to an external funding body and submitting it during the period of the research
  • Developing links with an appropriate social science department at Keele
  • Liaising with the Editorial Office of The Sociological Review in order to undertake small amounts of work for the journal (eg book reviewing, paper refereeing) as appropriate
  • Giving a seminar presentation at the end of the fellowship on some aspect of work undertaken during the fellowship
  • Providing progress reports as requested

Notes for applicants

Please read the job specification carefully. We have tried to include every criteria as it is difficult to respond to hundreds of queries. The two year cut off means no more than two years from award of your PhD (date of graduation). If you have been away from research (eg for parental leave or long-term sick leave), please send an explanation and evidence with the application form. However, please note that all employment queries (eg parental leave, sickness etc) must be addressed to Keele HR.

We consider all candidates globally. You must fit the UK / Keele’s visa criteria. The Sociological Review does not adjudicate on such matters.